3 Eco-Friendly DIYs To Craft At Home


Expressing creativity through simple and sustainable handmade crafts is a productive and positive way to relax after long hours of working from home.

Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at FurnitureChoice.co.uk, shares 3 eco-friendly DIYs that are easy, enjoyable and impactful.

diy kids memo board

DIY Kids Memo Board

Focus on interiors has soared during lockdown, and searches for DIY have increased by 148%[1] since this time last year. Turning to creative expression is a productive and calming experience that helps with stress relief for all ages. Keeping in mind that increased time spent working from home should not take away from leisure time as a family, a DIY kids memo board is a fun and simple activity to consider for family craft time.

“This DIY makes use of materials that are most likely already lying around at home like old bits of contact paper, scrap fabric or toys that are no longer played with but still loved,” says Rebecca. “Part of the fun is how customisable and collaborative it can be to really feel like a family project. For instance, each tile could be made by a family member and the entire board hung up in a communal area as a piece of functional artwork.”

For more information on this DIY, visit our website for a step by step guide.

DIY Natural Air Freshener

diy air freshener

Spending more time indoors is a change of pace that can be made more enjoyable with a few little tricks. One of them is by harnessing the effects of scent to switch up the mood or even clean the air for a healthier environment. “Scent is a powerful facet to interior creation that can dramatically change how a space breathes and feels. Reach for your favourites to set an intention – whether it’s to create a productive, energising or calming ambience,” says Rebecca.

Essential oils and dried fruit or flowers are great options for natural scents. “Combining the health benefits of natural scents and detoxification ability of baking soda, this DIY is a 2-in-1 craft that’s practical and environmentally-friendly too,” she adds.

For more information on this DIY, visit our website for a step by step guide.

DIY Art Deco Sideboard

diy sideboard

On the decor front, little touch ups to existing pieces of furniture can make a space feel refreshed and revitalised. In the living room, add a dash of Art Deco to a plain sideboard by introducing colour and pattern that are characteristic to the style. Consider glamorous touches of gold and repeated patterns of geometric shapes or straight lines reminiscent of The Great Gatsby flair.

“One of my favourite interior tips is to upcycle furniture pieces that might feel a bit dated and turn them into a new centrepiece that wows,” shares Rebecca. “This Art Deco sideboard project prevented the purchase of a brand new piece while completely transforming the previous setting and tone of the room.”

For more information on this DIY, visit our website for a step by step guide.