6 Tips To Make Your Mornings More Productive


The morning should be a productive time, joyous and an important part of the day but due to the current social lockdown, mornings feel a little slow. The morning is a huge part of the day. To make your mornings more worthwhile, perhaps you must consider some things you need to do to get the best out of it. It will set you up for the day, boosting your mood and mental health.

Person holding an alarm clock

1.Start early. To get the best out of your mornings, it is best to start early. Set that alarm for the time you would normally get up or you could try just half an hour earlier. It’s amazing what you can do in that time. This might mean letting go of late nights and going to bed early. If you wake after a good sleep you will have more energy, be productivity and have more clarity. You are also less stressed and less irritable.

person jogging

2. Get your blood flowing. Most experts recommend a morning exercise routine and I can vouch that my morning jog gets me set for the day. However, a structured work-out program is not everyone’s cup of tea nor is it the only way to get your blood flowing and your mind ready for the challenges of the day. If you’re not the work-out type, take your dog (or yourself if you don’t have a dog) on a brisk walk around the neighbourhood. The fresh air and sunlight will stimulate hormones that will lift your mood and give you energy throughout the day. If walking isn’t your thing, try turning on the radio and shake it up as you are making breakfast.

Glass of water

3. Drink water. Add lemon, ice or cucumber — or just drink it straight up. We get dehydrated overnight (especially if nature calls and you’re using the bathroom in the pre-dawn hours), Goel says. A glass or two of H2O first thing helps replenish your body’s hydration stores. It also starts your metabolism on the right foot (since the body relies on water to keep all your digestive processes running smoothly). Chug it!

Make the bed

4. Make the bed: Simple? Yes. But OH so satisfying. A quick straightening of the sheets will have you feeling more pulled together. It’s the first thing I do – my favourite saying is “if it takes a minute or less to do, just do it”


5. Prepare the night before. Mornings can be chaotic at the best of times, but a bit of extra planning the night before can go a long way to minimising morning stress. Some ways to do this might be setting the timer on the coffee maker, preparing breakfasts or lunches ahead of time, and having your laptop and briefcase ready and waiting.


6. Cuddle with your children. If you have young children, lie next to them and gently hug them when it’s time to wake up. For older kids, sit next to them and softly smooth their hair as you get them up. The morning could be the rare time you can enjoy the sweetness of tender moments like these.