6 Ways To Earn Your Child’s Friendship

Parent Or Pal? 6 Ways To Earn Your Child’s Friendship

Sadhguru is a yogi, humanitarian and NY Times bestselling author. Here, he looks at what
parents need to do to earn their child’s friendship and create an atmosphere that will help the
child blossom.

Sadhguru: A few hundred years ago, John Wilmot, an English lord, said something
significant about parenting: “Before I got married, I had six theories about bringing up
children. Now I have six children and no theories.” So what should you do in terms of
parenting? Look back at yourself when you were a child – what kind of parents would have
been the best? Remember what it was like to be a child, and you will clearly know.
Parents should earn the friendship of the new generation. If there was a bond of friendship
between you and your children, naturally they would listen to you.


6 Ways To Earn Your Child’s Friendship

  1. Stand on the same level as them
    A relationship is only possible when you are not on the pulpit but down on the ground, like
    everyone else. If you are a parent, it is important that you do not stand on a big pedestal. In
    trying to place yourself above your children, you lose the possibility of being a good friend to
    them. If you admit your ignorance with the youth, and especially with little children, they will
    become your close friends. Otherwise they look up to you because they have to. Everyone
    hates that hierarchy.
  2. Learn from your young ones
    If you have a child, all you have to do is create a loving, supportive, and invigorating
    atmosphere. There is really nothing to teach. You came here a few years earlier than the
    child. What you know about life that the child does not know are just a few tricks of the world,
    how to survive and how to make a living. They will learn them later on. Right now, when a
    child enters your life, it is time to learn, not to teach. Children may not know what is
    dangerous, what is nice, and things like that. But hopefully you have a certain wisdom about
    life around you, which children may not have. If they are moving towards danger, exercise
    your wisdom. Otherwise, children are able to conduct life more joyfully than you. Learn those
    aspects from them.
  3. Keep your expectations aside, and let their genius unfold
    Most parents do not cultivate the genius of their children. They are trying to drive their
    children in a particular direction. Do not drive. You cannot get rose flowers from a plant that
    is not a rose plant. It will come out with a different kind of flower. You should not expect rose
    flowers out of everything just because you like rose flowers. You have a new and fresh life in
    your home. We do not know what will come out of it.
    A new life is not a small thing. If you see it as a phenomenon which blossomed in your body,
    came out and is growing – out of two cells, life is happening in front of you, taking shape – if
    you watch it with utter wonder and create the right kind of atmosphere, your child will grow
    into something beautiful. But they may not be the rose flower that you expected. They need
    not become what you expect because your expectations are coming from the graveyard of
    the past. Children belong to the future.
  4. Recognize the privilege
    It is a privilege that this child – this bundle of joy – has come through you and arrived in your
    house. Children are not your property; they do not belong to you. Just see how to enjoy,
    nurture, and support them. Don’t try to make them an investment for your future.
  5. Spend time with them doing things they enjoy
    When there is no friendship, if you go on giving your children advice, it is sickening, and they
    will do the reverse just to spite you. Stop advising them. Just be friends with them, play with
    them, go to the cinema with them, listen to their kind of music, dance with them – you will
    see they will be fond of you and there will be a relationship. Once there is a relationship, you
    can do something to influence them.
  6. Make yourself as appealing as possible
    A child is influenced by so many things – the TV, neighbours, teachers, school, and a million
    other things. He will go the way of whatever he finds most attractive. As a parent, you have
    to make yourself in a way that the most attractive thing he finds is to be with the parents. If
    you are a joyous and wonderful person, he won’t seek company anywhere else. For
    anything, he will come and ask you.
    If you are genuinely interested in giving your children a good upbringing, you should first

transform yourself into a peaceful and loving human being.

Sadhguru is a yogi, mystic, visionary and a New York Times bestselling author. Named one
of India’s 50 most influential people, Sadhguru’s work has touched the lives of millions
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Sadhguru is a yogi, mystic, visionary and a New York Times bestselling author.