Beurer Can Help You Enjoy a Perfect Night’s Sleep

A great sleep is vital for your mental and physical health. Sometimes we need a little help to drift off into a deep sleep to ensure we are fully rested and recharged for the day ahead. Health and well-being specialist, Beurer, has some excellent solutions to help you fall asleep, sleep through the night and have an active start to your day.

Greater Manchester, England, 18 November 2020: Enjoying a good night’s sleep can sometimes be a challenge. Switching off can often be difficult when your mind is busy, or maybe snoring is affecting your rest? Health and well-being specialist, Beurer, can help you to achieve uninterrupted, restful slumber. No need for the sandman to pay you a visit, here are just a handful of products that Beurer recommends depending on your sleeping woes.

1. Beurer DreamLight: The SL10 DreamLight from Beurer is a gentle sleep aid developed to help you wind down and drift off to sleep naturally. Battery-powered and equipped with an LED module, it projects a gentle, pulsing light on your ceiling in order to make you consciously aware of your breathing rhythm without illuminating your entire bedroom. As a result, this diverts overthinking and helps to reduce brain activity, so you can fall asleep calmly and more quickly.

You can choose between either a relaxation breathing technique or the classic yoga breathing technique, and between a red or blue pulsing light. Touch on/off functionality makes it easy to operate, and the clever ball-design allows you to angle the light to best suit your sleep position.

The Beurer SL 10 DreamLight is available from John Lewis priced at £29.99.

2. Monogram Allergy free double dual blanket:

Your bed can cause sleeping problems, especially when you share it with another. Taking control of your side of the bed can make all the difference to your personal rest. This heated blanket lets you choose your perfect sleeping temperature, even if it is different to your partners.

Monogram is also treated with a HealthProtection® sanitised fabric technology which hygienically protects you from dust mites and allergens so that you can reduce the physical signs of dust mites, such as asthma, congestion, eczema, rhinitis and other associated allergies which may cause you restless sleep. Simply utilise the Heat Boost function which can warm your mattress to 60°, a temperature which cannot be withstood by dust mites or their eggs, as little as once a week, and your mattress will be kept clean and fresh.

Monogram by Beurer is available from Stress no More with prices starting from £84.99 (Dual Double).

3. Beurer Snore Mask

Snoring can be a real problem for many, often leaving both the snorer and others in the household sleep deprived, which can ultimately have an effect on your mood and ability to focus. The innovative Beurer Snore Mask is a soft, comfortable eye mask that can be worn without causing you discomfort. Recording noises and structure-borne vibrations, the Snore Mask detects your snoring and delivers you a gentle pulsation to encourage you to change position, opening the airways and stopping snoring.

Because snoring can be caused by a number of factors, such as sleep apnoea, sleep position, sleep deprivation, nasal or airway problems, or alcohol consumption, the Beurer Snore Mask helps you identify the reason behind your snoring, making a long-term solution possible. Recording data as you sleep, the Snore Mask works with the free Beurer SleepQuiet app so that you can monitor your sleep and snoring behaviour with precise analysis. Battery operated, it charges via a USB cable, so you can easily charge it during the day ready for the night ahead.

The Beurer SL 60 Snore Mask is available from Very priced at £100.00.

4. Beurer Aroma Diffuser:

You can enjoy a wonderfully scented room and have help falling asleep with the Beurer aroma diffuser. There are many sleep-inducing essential oils to choose from, such as lavender, chamomile, bergamot and ylang ylang. You can also enjoy some soothing LED lighting, which works in unison with the scents you choose to create the perfect ambience for a calm, soothing sleeping atmosphere to help you relax and nod off.

The Beurer LA 40 Aroma Diffuser is available from John Lewis priced at £49.99.

5. Beurer Wake Up Lamp:

Now you can have help to fall asleep naturally and wake up gently. Beurer’s wake up lamp has various clever light and sound settings that can help to support sleep rhythm, all of which can be completely tailored by you, for you. You can drift off to sleep with a simulated sunset and then enjoy a gentle nightlight. This can be combined with a sleep melody thanks to the on-board Bluetooth speaker and lullaby setting, helping to support your sleep cycle.

This ingenious lamp can also wake you up gently after a good night’s sleep or simply make your wake-up call a little easier. It has a choice of two wake-up melodies, an alarm with snooze functionality and an FM radio. For a relaxing start, you can use the light simulated sunrise setting to introduce gradual light every morning, proven to boost mood, productivity, and energy levels so that you feel ready for the day ahead.

The Beurer WL 50 Wake Up Lamp is available from John Lewis priced at £69.99.

Beurer’s dedicated sleep assisting product range includes sleep sensors, snore stoppers and wake up lights, developed by experts and medically trialled and tested. Beurer also has a comprehensive selection of products such as heated blankets and aroma diffusers which also aid a restful sleep.

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