Boost your happiness and shine a light on SAD Season – SAD lamp

Ease the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder this winter with Beurer’s innovative light-therapy products

Greater Manchester, England, 13 October 2020: With Autumn now upon us and the darker days drawing in, it’s imperative that we keep our serotonin levels up, ultimately helping to regulate our moods to promote positive feelings and prosocial behaviour and to help prevent us feeling the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

SAD is a depressive illness caused by shortened daylight hours and a lack of sunlight. Affecting a growing number of people in the UK at any age, a number of treatments are available to help combat SAD but the least invasive and one of the most effective is light therapy through the use of SAD lamps.

Health and well-being specialist, Beurer, has a range of medically certified light therapy solutions to help fend off the winter blues and administer a supply of happy energy during the dark and gloomy months.

From SAD lights to wake-up lights, please see details of the range below:

1. Beurer TL 20 Daylight Therapy Lamp SAD lamp – For an extra helping of light

Using exceptionally bright and illuminating light with the intensity of 10,000 lux at 10cm distance, the Beurer TL20 SAD lamp gives you a practical solution for increasing your exposure to natural light. With its compact size, slim design and versatile stand, this SAD lamp will be able to give you maximum light exposure at home or in the office.

The Beurer TL 20 is available from JD Williams and is currently priced at £34.99

SAD lamps

2. Beurer TL 30 Daylight Therapy Lamp SAD lamp – Wellness light in a practical format

The slim-line and portable design of the Beurer TL 30 is achieved using LED technology and makes this lamp ideal for taking to the office or away with you when travelling. It comes with a handy storage pouch that protects the light when you are commuting. Spending 1 hour a day in front of the daylight lamp for a week, will suffice to relieve the complaints associated with winter depression including sleep disorders, extreme fatigue, insomnia, and the tendency to eat extra-high amounts of carbohydrates.

The Beurer TL 30 is available from Lakeland and has an SRP of £59.99

SAD lamps

3. Beurer TL 41 Touch Daylight Therapy Lamp SAD lamp – Well-being at the press of a button

The Beurer TL 41 therapy lamp imitates daylight and provides comfortable light in the dull winter months, or at any time when you need a boost of happiness. It is lightweight and compact, making it ideal for you to easily place where you spend most of your day. The smart design has a one-touch button operation making it amazingly simple to use.

The Beurer TL 41 is available from Lakeland and has an SRP of £74.99.

SAD lamps

4. Beurer TL 45 Perfect Day Daylight Therapy Lamp SAD lamp – Your companion for an active day

Need help to balance your day and night rhythm? The Beurer TL 45 is equipped with an energy-saving LED module and features three different light colour temperatures that imitate natural sunlight and help to support you through the different working and resting phases of a day. Its compact size makes it easy to carry to work and it’s supplied with a useful fold-out stand.

The Beurer TL 45 is available from John Lewis and has an SRP of £79.99

SAD lamps

5. Beurer WL 50 Wake-Up Light SAD lamp – Conjure up your own private sunrise

Be woken up gently with the Beurer WL 50 wake up light and enjoy a relaxing start to the day. This extremely clever light allows you to fall asleep naturally and wake up gently with simulations of sunrise and sunset. With a choice of two wake-up melodies, an alarm with snooze functionality and an FM radio, there are lots of different ways to make the morning wake-up call easier. For a more relaxing start, use the light simulated sunrise setting to introduce gradual light each day, proven to boost mood, productivity and energy levels so that you feel ready for the day ahead.

The Beurer WL 50 is available from John Lewis and has an SRP of £69.99

SAD lamps

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