Earth Warriors Launches Curriculum For Little People To Learn And Build Sustainable Habits

Earth Warriors is the world’s first and only education curriculum that teaches young children aged 3 to 7 about sustainability and climate change. Our children will inherit the world and the Earth Warriors mission is to build sustainable habits in young children. The curriculum teaches the next generation to be climate positive and sustainable change makers, along with play-based activities and loveable ‘Earth Warrior’ characters.

What makes the Earth Warriors global curriculum unique is that it is play-based and has been quality assured for age-appropriateness and scientific accuracy by the experts at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and the Stanford School of Earth respectively. The curriculum also aligns with several of the United Kingdom’s Early Years Student Learning Standards across Numeracy, Literacy, Science, Social-Emotional Learning and Motor Skill Development. Its easy-to-use modules have been designed to be adaptive – so it can be taught by either parents at home or teachers at school. 

But Earth Warriors is more than just an education curriculum, it is a global community. 

Earth Warriors

A highlight of the Earth Warriors modules are, of course, that you are joining like-minded teachers, parents and children from across the world who are engaging in sustainable habits and climate consciousness to protect our planet. Earth Warrior’s like Billy (age 5) are already gaining knowledge and passion for the climate. 

Dominic Bond, a parent of Earth Warrior Billy in the UK said, “Billy woke up this morning saying: “They are cutting down the forests but we need the trees to charge the ice because the polar bears and the penguins are falling into the water.” Earth Warriors’ thinking is firmly taking root!

Keya Lamba and Shweta Bahri are the co-founders and adult earth warriors behind the brand, which they set up in 2019 because of their mutual interest in early years learning and backgrounds in education at Cambridge and Harvard respectively. They passionately believe that all children have the right to a quality, inclusive and well-rounded education and were driven by the idea that in our changing world, children need to build sustainable habits from a young age and be prepared to take care of our planet.

Keya, co-founder of Earth Warriors said; “After months of hard work, Shweta and I are so excited to finally launch our Earth Warriors curriculum to the world! Six months ago, we decided to take a risk and focus on Earth Warriors full time because we truly believe in the impact it can have helping future generations prepare to protect and take care of our planet. The best part for us has been watching all of the little Earth Warriors around the world in action and we hope everyone enjoys our curriculum as much as we have enjoyed creating it!” 

For schools, the Earth Warriors curriculum covers four age groups – 3-4, 4-5, 5-6 and 6-7 – each uniquely designed to introduce students to age-appropriate topics about climate change and sustainability. The yearly classroom subscription gives schools and teachers access to the Earth Warriors portal with all the materials and support required to implement the curriculum. This includes teacher guides and weekly lesson plans, plus access to the Earth Warriors community to connect with like-minded teachers. To get started on this exciting curriculum, schools should contact Earth Warriors at [email protected] 

For parents and guardians at home, the Earth Warriors’ first module, ‘We are Earth Warriors’ is now live to purchase online. The module allows parents to spend quality time with their children and helps them build a strong bond with nature. Modules two and three will be released in the coming months. All of the play-based activities are connected to internationally recognised early years learning standards for literacy, numeracy, science, motor skill development and social-emotional learning. 

The best bit: Each child will feel rewarded and empowered at the end of each completed module by receiving an Earth Warriors Badge, as well as the opportunity of being featured as a fully fledged ‘Earth Warrior’ on social media. 

It’s not just about Earth Warriors’ passion for children’s education. Earth Warriors is driven by a social mission too and will be donating 5% of their annual profits to protect endangered animals on behalf of children participating in the Earth Warriors curriculum. Earth Warriors sends email updates so children can feel they are tangibly making a difference through their learning. 

You can find out more about Earth Warriors and their curriculum for 3 to 7 year olds at 


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