Family skincare goals for 2021

Family skincare goals for 2021

Looking after your family’s skin can do wonders for everyone, but it’s not always easy. Especially when you’re a busy mum. But there is plenty that you can do to make sure everyone’s skin is cared for on a daily basis. And with that in mind, I’m going to give you some top tips to help you to achieve your family skincare goals in 2021.

Moisturise daily

Whether it’s the harshness of winter, the drying nature of central heating, the sun, daily grime or food that gets left on the skin, it’s under constant stress. And this stress can be combated with the use of a quality moisturising lotion every day. It’ll restore hydration and help the skin do its much needed repair work too. Click here to learn more about body lotion.

Use an SPF lotion

A good follow on from the use of a daily moisturiser is the recommendation to use one with SPF. When the sun’s blazing it’s always essential to smear on the sunscreen but using a moisturiser that contains SPF protection is a great way of looking after the family’s skin all year round. Especially if you’re big fans of venturing on outdoor adventures.

Don’t pick spots!

Irritated skin can cause spots. And picking those spots can lead to increased irritation. It’s a vicious circle. That’s what makes the ability to not pick away at breakouts so important, so encourage your kids not to fiddle, and the risk of further breakouts will diminish. That means you too – don’t pick!

Eat well

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One of the most important skincare tips is to eat a balanced diet, including all the nutrients that everyone needs. Think antioxidant-rich berries, healthy fats from fish, seeds and nuts, and all the vitamins you need from a rainbow of vegetables. Find foods that they enjoy, and disguise the ones they don’t – orange chips (carrots) for tea!

Drink plenty

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Getting enough fluid throughout the day is vital for overall health and it’s vital for your skin too. Not enough will lead to dry, irritated and super-stressed skin, prone to breakouts. All of this can be avoided though, or at the very least reduced, by encouraging everyone to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Wash faces before bedtime


Our bodies, and in particular our faces, hold onto the grime of the day and that’s what makes it so important to wash before bedtime. We’ve all had nights where there’s no time for baths – or it’s just not worth the battle – but skipping face washing before bed is a no-no. You could always sell it as a trade-off if necessary: ‘ok, we can skip bath tonight, but only if you have a quick wash’. Job done.

Make it routine

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Finally, put everything together by making skincare part of your family’s routine. Washing faces in the morning and evening. Moisturising after bath time. Eating and drinking well. Not picking spots! The more consistent we are with our kids, the more likely they are to stick to something. And by instilling it into the daily routine, the more likely we all are to achieve our family skincare goals for 2021. Good luck!

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