Fantastic Female- Estelle Keeber, founder of  Immortal Monkey


Estelle Keeber is one of the UKs leading Instagram experts and founder of Immortal Monkey. Estelle has helped hundreds of thousands of business owners understand how to create a successful and profitable business on social media, using the same strategies she did which led her to founding the fastest growing network for women in the world with no investment at all!

Estelle has inspired hundreds of thousands of business owners around the globe with her passion, tenacity and kindness.

Her easy to understand interactive training never fails to impress whether you’re an insta novice or a bit of a pro…your guaranteed to leave with skills and confidence that will take your business to the next level on Instagram!


How did you balance being a mother and professional?

Wow…Im not sure there is ever a full balance. Its one of the things that I think most mums in business experience. The mum guilt! My one tip would be to schedule your time. Plan in everything, worktime, school runs, family time. A visual on a calendar works really well for me!

What have you sacrificed (both personally and professionally) at each stage of your career?

When I first started on my journey as a self employed photographer I spent a lot of time learning and honing my skills. I had spent 3 years at college and during that time sacrificed nights out and parties so that I could really focus on learning! As my business grew the juggle was the work life balance. I had gone from spending all my time building a business to having created something so amazing it was taking all my time to manage!

Who inspired you and why?

My nan! Shes my number one fan and has always been by my side. Shes my inspiration and my rock!

What advice would you give to young women who want to succeed in the workplace?

Don’t give up! Keep educating yourself and never take no as a final answer…think of it as not right now! Work hard, go that extra mile and remember to stay true to your self!

Do you think women feel intimidated in business?

I never felt intimidated, more that I didn’t fit in. I think a lot of women feel like this but I have to say over the last 5/6 years since ive been in business there have been some great changes when it comes to gender equality and inclusion.

Where will we find you on a Saturday morning at 10 a.m.? 

On a good day in bed watching Netflix….on a bad day running around after my boys!

What do you love about your job?

I love that I can use my experience to help others. My one passion is really showing people that they too can harness the power of social media. Sharing my experiences and tips on stages around the UK makes me buzz inside! I created the Immortal Monkey Members area based on what I had loved and hated as I was trying to educate myself as a small business. It was so hard having to go to many different websites to find info and tips to grow your business. So I created 1 platform where you can go to learn all about all different aspects of business from branding and social media to setting up a website and mindset. I wish it had eisted when I was starting out! You can check out the Members area here –

What’s the best career decision you’ve ever made?

Going it alone! After being in business with a partner for 3 years it was a breath of fresh air to be able to fully make my own decisions. I had always been made to feel that I would manage alone but taking that jump was the best thing I have ever done. I feel stronger, more confident in my own abilities and have learnt some incredible lessons. Remember everything happens for a reason!

What’s the worst career decision you’ve ever made?

Not trusting my gut! Sometimes you will get that feeling, you know what I mean?! Go with it.

How do you organise your time?

Im very visual and love to colour code my calendar!

What do you think is your greatest strength?

Resilience. One thing Im proud of is that I have been through some really tough situations but I have came out the other side stronger and wiser. Hence the business name Immortal Monkey!

What do you think is your greatest weakness?

Kindness? Im often told im a bit of a softy! This can sometimes lead people to take advantage.

How do you make decisions?

Its depends on how big the decision is. Im the sort of person that will ask others for advice, im probably not the best decision maker if im honest! Im really lucky that I have an incredible team of people around me who advise and support me! You guys know who you are!

What do you read?

Ive just finished Edens story, it’s a real life biography about a foster parent who shares her experiences. I read so much every day for work that its nice to have something a little less admin like to relax with! Im actually just about to go shopping and pick up a new book so watch this space!

What do you think are the secrets behind getting to where you’ve got to?

Hard work, dedication and resilience. Life will always through you curve balls. Its how you deal with it that’s most important.


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