Goals for Your Soul

Ah, your soul/spirit. I’m sure it signifies something different to everyone, but I like to think of it as everything that makes up who you are from your consciousness and body. It could mean your connections, faith, career, pastimes, hobbies, etc. However, you define the soul; you must take care of it and find what makes you most content. Here are some ideas to help feed your soul:

Go to bed at a reasonable time.

Make sleep a priority by creating a night routine and sticking to it for a whole month. Going to bed earlier doesn’t make you an older person, okay? Permit yourself to rest.

unrecognizable person sleeping under blanket GOALS FOR YOUR SOUL
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

Explore two new places.

See what your hometown and the neighbouring area has to give by visiting two places you’ve never been to before. We cant get on a plane anytime soon anyway. There are some wonders on your doorstep.

kid in blue jacket and brown pants walking on brown grass field GOALS FOR YOUR SOUL
Photo by Jan Kopřiva on Pexels.com

Learn something new.

Have you wanted to start learning a new language or something creative like knitting, take some time to stimulate your brain in a new way.


Declutter your home.

If you’ve meant to declutter your home for months, take the plunge and get it done! By cleaning up, you can make your home more relaxing and inviting to have one less thing that stresses you out!


One thing you’ve been putting off.

That job that’s just been bothering at your forever, or something more significant that you’ve wanted to start, just do it! Try breaking it into small chunks and do one task each day throughout the month.