How to help your child with Study Motivation & Exam Success

How to help your child with study motivation & exam success

The exam season is upon us and every family who has been through it knows the enormous pressure. It is hard to see your loved ones going through study and exam anxiety. But there is a solution as renowned hypnotherapist Ailsa Frank has developed a hypnotherapy download to release stress and create a focused mind to get the best results.

This study motivation and exam success hypnosis download will help students of all ages from teens to adults. Suitable for school, college, university and workplace study and exams. Topics covered include written and practical exams, essays, dissertations, research, practical tests and presentations. You will only make changes which you are relevant to you. The motivational messages create a focussed and disciplined mind, good memory recall, ability to memorise and retain information easily, follow a study and revision plan, release study and exam stress, feel comfortable in exam settings to attain best grades possible. Whatever stage of studying you are at these easy to listen to recordings will enhance your abilities to bring the best out of yourself.

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Testimonial: “Such a relief to release exam nerves. I have noticed a significant improvement. Listening to the hypnosis downloads regularly is extremely helpful for tests and exams. Improved grades which are easy to achieve.”

The Study Motivation and Exam Success hypnosis download is available from and is priced at £14.99

Also recommended for students is the guide to life book Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing by Ailsa Frank (published by Hay House) which includes chapters on “I can do it” positivity, letting go of exam stress, letting go of worries and creating an I can do it attitude and simply teaches you how to find the amazing way through life.

How exactly does this ‘Study Motivation and Exam Success’ hypnosis download work?

Everything we learn stores in our subconscious mind. The techniques in this recording will safely help you to retrieve information more easily by rearranging learnt information so it is easy to access. The downloads will help you to sleep well at bedtime, remain relaxed and focused with a new self-belief. You will only make changes which are for your benefit. This download will help you set a short time aside each day to refocus. You can fall asleep at bedtime, the messages will filter into your mind whilst you sleep, all you need to do is press the play button.

Ailsa has helped many teenage and adult students to release stress and create a more positive study and exam mindset. You are actually more capable than you think. By positively re-ordering the way you feel you can use your mind in a powerful way to achieve amazing results. There is nothing more satisfying as a therapist to see a happy student surpass their expectations and go on to the next level of success with confidence. I remember a client, a dyslexic 15-year-old student, who later went on to complete a degree proving that anything is possible when you coach the mind in a positive way.”

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Here are 3 tips to help motivate you to study and do well in exams:

1) Create a new positive conversation – Begin each day with a positive chat with yourself. Use this time to list all the great things about yourself and your academic achievements so far. Congratulate yourself with phrases such as “Well done me” or “You are AMAZING”. Get into the habit of speaking positively to yourself even if you don’t fully believe the compliments initially. Eventually, you will believe the things you tell yourself and you will find you start to change your behaviour allowing yourself to be more confident and successful.

2) Protect time for yourself – With a busy revision schedule, students often rush from one week into the next without really recharging their batteries during the weekend. Other people’s lives can take over your own, so make a conscious effort to find time each week to do things you love.

3) Identify any particular topics that you struggle with and that need addressing – Notice which areas of study you lack confidence then visualise revision and recall for that subject going really well.

Hypnosis works by clearing the unhealthy clutter in the subconscious mind allowing the listener to form beneficial habits so that they can manage their life making the right decisions with confidence.

Some young people feel much better when exams are over, but that’s not the case for all young people.

Get help if your child’s anxiety or low mood is severe, persists and interferes with their everyday life. Seeing a GP is a good place to start.