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The Future Is Here With Quantum Music

BBFeenix Once lived a life of karmic cycles but has burnt her past down and re-created a new life, through a series of events that created an awakening, on a momentous scale.

Realising she was running on the never ending treadmill, of societies rat race and after fleeing a toxic marriage and domestic violence and losing both parents, life had made it seem like BBFeenix was repeatedly smashing her in to ‘rock bottom’.


Escaping the clutches of life, on the path she was headed for, was a ‘sliding doors’ moment. The deep rooted feelings of not enough and no self-worth, kept her feeling trapped. Clawing her way back from rock bottom, took a lot of time and work to heal from.  

Treatment for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and TMD (Temporomandibular Disorder), were needed to heal from the physical ailments caused by the stress of living in a toxic environment for an elongated period of time.

Reclaiming control of her mind, from negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs that had been implanted and  picked up along her life journey, were of upmost importance to deal with.

The implant sources were society, bullying in childhood and any traumatic events that she had encountered enroute.


Through a discovery of the personal growth industry, BBFeenix really started making some incredible changes in her life. Creating laser sharp focus on what she wanted by asking ‘lofty questions’ to the universe such as;  ‘Why does abundance flow to me and through me so easily?’ ‘Why do all the right circumstances and people come to me, with such ease, grace and flow?’. Another way to success, was declaring to the world what it was that she was going to become. The Worlds Best Healing Singer and Speaker!


Little did she know by giving that statement to the universe, that it would absolutely change everything. Saying those words with such conviction, caused ripples that would start bringing back a Tsunami of change that BBFeenix desperately needed in her world.

Singing had always been a huge part of her life and she’d spent years singing to thousands of walls, in many rehearsal rooms. This was all about to change! By manifesting a way to create her own music, it broke the patterns of getting nowhere fast with her musicality. Through the lockdown of 2020 BBFeenix manifested a way to create her own music, rather than relying upon other music producers or bands,  that tended to have their own ideas and egos, which inevitably got in the way of the music creation that she was desiring. It gave her full control over what she was able to create and is now working on lyrics for her seventh and eighth song.

The speaking part of her declaration came about in the form of being able to co-author a book called ‘Rebirth’, which is stories of 11 women, over coming battles in their lives and going from surviving to thriving. Opening that door lead to more doors being available for BBFeenix. One of those doors led to speaking at a global online summit for women to be able to share their voices and their stories, in order to empower others in their own lives.

Having now spoken on a few stages and online summits globally through lockdown, she has made some incredible and authentic connections around the world. This continues to help her build from the ground up, the team around her she needs to support her on her mission of reaching and raising the vibrations of at least 1 billion hearts, bringing joy and love to all of those she comes into contact with.        

As for the healing component of her declaration, this manifested in a practice called Quantum Flow. Qualifying as a practitioner, she now has a biohacking toolkit in her pocket. This is a way of healing our bodies, minds, energy and soul, back to its natural state of bliss and abundance. Quantum Flow is a way of doing, what she had taken the last seven years to learn, in a handy daily practice that gives BBFeenix a boost of energy and connection to herself, whenever she needs it.

This beautiful concoction of singing, speaking and healing, have amalgamated into BBFeenix blazing her own trail through the music business, personal growth market and the spiritual realms. Creating a new genre of music called  ‘Quantum Music’, she’s merging vibrations, forms, energy and industries to create her own, unique lane and is driving full speed ahead, with no regards to the limits!

Infusing binaural beats and healing frequencies within her music, as well as channelling her own mix of healing, whilst connected to her intuition and living life in flow, BBFeenix has brought the future to the present, mixed the fifth dimension with the third and made her dreams a reality.

You can shape your life anyway you want to. It’s all within the decisions  we make, every minute of every day, right up to the day we die.

Finding our own unique passions and desires within, is the true path of freedom and fulfilment. Choose to follow what lights the fires in your belly. Something you can’t wait to get out of bed for everyday, something that will make a difference to your world and someone else’s too! Sharing is caring after all. Love above all else will win the day


International Healing Singer and Speaker 

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/AuFS7fTXR8Etd7TR9

LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/bbfeenix-3b190335

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bbfeenix/?hl=en-gb

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