Lockdown -Day 9 Namasta INside


OK, I’m a little late on getting this one up, but I forgot and ended spending over an hour soaking in the bath, it was glorious!
I woke late again, this is becoming a bit of a habit but one I love as soon as I wake I’m out the door and off on my run.

beautiful spring day

It’s a beautiful spring day; it seems Scotland has the worst weather until we all have to stay inside. It’s warm, and though I enjoyed my run, I’m sweating and a bit sore after my Popsugar workout the day before.

Cora asked to do some “school”, we have been very relaxed in terms of home schooling, this is down to the fact I feel Cora is pretty good at leading herself and with only being in P1, I’m not too worried that she’s missing much.

We play a few sound games, words that have the “at” sound. She does well, but I soon become bored. I always found the structured learning in the nursery dull; I found the children responded better when learning through play.

Cora then does a little maths with Rory; he has much more patience than me. It seems Cora may be a small number Wizz as she finds the sums easy and seems to know some of the times tables. I’m dyslexic, and I struggled with numbers, don’t ask me my time’s table…I don’t know them. Thank god for calculators!

father and daughter on sofa

Winnie entertains the kids while I faff around, doing general washing of clothes. I reminded myself I needed to grab some more from our house. We have been rotating three outfits since we have been here. It’s OK, but I’m finding it a little depressing wearing the same things over and over.
Rory heads to the shop to get some supplies; we shouldn’t need to go back for a while now. He then goes to work and my anxiety flairs, I think its because he’s my safe place while we are out of our home and when he’s gone I’m left feeling a little lost and self-conscious in my MIL’s house.

I declare I’m going to get clothes and both children what to come; they haven’t been back to the house for nearly three weeks so are keen to grab some toys from there room, I was hoping for a moment of peace but no luck.
They manage to trash the house after I spent all last week gutting it. WHY DID I BOTHER?!
Back at my MIL, I start on dinner of chicken, mash and carrots. The kids will eat that and its an easy make. I go to mash the potatoes, but strangely my MIL doesn’t have a masher. (!?) I have made so much that a fork won’t cut it – I give the blender a try, and I was left with what can only be described at tattie soup…really!

young family on a bed

Surprise, they don’t eat in, and I end up making toast for them. Do you remember me telling you that they ate salad for their gran? My cooking is not bad, but these kids know how to wrap me around their little fingers and like the soft touch that I am, I always fall for it.
Bath and bedtime was straight forward, with Cassius asking to go to bed earlier than usual…I didn’t argue.
Rory arrived back earlier, which was lovely; we managed three episodes of walking dead before my eyes became heavy.
Kicky Magee took up most of the bed, but I was so sleepy by this point I didn’t even bother putting Harry Potter on to fall asleep too.

young boy holding a daffodil

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