Lockdown Diary Day 8 -Namasta Inside

Lockdown Diary – Day 8

WOOH! We have made it another day, and even though I had to share a bed again with Kicky MaGee last night, we both woke up naturally at 8am.

During the night thought, Kicky was crying in her sleep “why don’t you love me?!” and I had to squeak her tight and tell her I did. She didn’t remember it in the morning, thankfully, but it’s clear my wee toot is very stressed at the moment. I reached out to some of my followers as most of them are anxious little ladies like myself and I the dreams that they are delivered.

fresh faced woman

Here was what I was sent – feel free the skip through it but I loved this.

This was written here – https://www.sophiesstories.co.uk/stay-home-superheroes

Sophie’s Stories is a bespoke service, offering personalized Therapeutic Stories for parents and professionals to use with children.

The stay at Home Heroes

“Once upon a time there was a big, busy world. In this big, busy world there lived a little boy called William. William loved going to school to play with his friends, going to the park to play on the swings and swimming at his favourite pool. But one day, everything started to change. William heard on the news that there was a Big Problem. This problem was so big that it began to spread over the whole world. All the grownups were talking about it. All the children were talking about it. In fact, every single person in the entire world was talking about it. Everyone started to feel worried and scared about the Big Problem. Soon, the Big Problem caused some significant changes. At first, people stopped going to work, then he wasn’t allowed to go swimming anymore. He found out that school was cancelled and day by day the big, busy world he lived in got quieter and quieter and quieter. William was confused. He felt scared too. He had so many questions. What was going on? Would it be OK? How could they stop the Big Problem? He went to ask his particular person all of his big questions. “It’s OK to be scared and worried, lots of other children feel that way, even adults feel scared too sometimes,” they told him, giving him a BIG hug. “But all of the very best, cleverest people in the whole world are working hard to fix the Big Problem right now” they explained. This made him feel a little bit better. Undoubtedly the most intelligent people in the world could find a way to fix it! But it was such a Big Problem, and he was still scared. He had to do something. His particular person explained that there were lots and lots of special helpers working hard to save the world and stop the problem. “Like superheroes?” said William. “Just like superheroes.” They said, smiling. William wanted to be a superhero too. This was his chance! Super William to the rescue! He jumped up, ready to run outside and join all the other superheroes to fight off the Big Problem and save the world, but his particular person stopped him and locked the door. “HEY! How can I help fight the Big Problem if I’m stuck inside?” he asked. “Well, we D.O. need you to help. Everyone is going to have to help to solve this Big Problem. And YOU are going to have a very special job indeed. You are going to become a Stay Home Superhero!”

William had never heard of THAT kind of superhero before. He wanted to know all about them. He found out that Stay Home Superheroes could help fight off the Big Problem by using their Stay Home Superpowers. But what were they? He tried so hard, but he didn’t have super strength or super speed either. In fact, he felt exactly the same as before. “The Big Problem can’t be solved with super strength or super speed. The Big Problem will only stop growing if all the new Superheroes use their Stay Home Superpower to stay at home. In fact, if all the new Stay Home Superheroes work together, the Big Problem will get smaller, and smaller and smaller every single day, until it goes away!” his particular person explained. “But staying home is a boring superpower!” said William in a grump. “Boring? No way! You have the superpower to make this fun! And staying home is how YOU can help to save the whole world- there’s nothing more powerful than that!” Just staying home and having fun could save the whole world? And he would be a real-life superhero? William started to feel excited. He began to feel powerful too! William couldn’t wait to tell all his friends that they could turn into Stay Home Superheroes just like him! William got to work quickly, using his Superhero creativity to think of all the fun things he could do at home. William made a long list: pillow forts and cooking and games and dancing and puppet shows and singing and movies and MORE! Even better, William found out he could still play in the garden and go outside too, as long as he stayed away from all the superheroes who lived in different houses. They could wave to each other and wink because they all knew the extraordinary job they were doing! William did miss playing with his friends and going swimming and to the park. But then he remembered how outstanding his new Superhero job was. Willaim was helping to save the whole world, and that made him feel so good inside. He was very proud of himself. Then he fired up his superpowers ready to find something fun to do. William the Stay Home Superhero and all his superhero friends worked hard together to help save the world, all without leaving their homes. And now you know, you can be a superhero too! “

How amazing it that!

As Cora and I slowly woke I decided now would be a great time to tell her the story, and I changed the name, so she thought it was about her – she loves that, nothing like a bit of self-indulgence, eh?

mum and daughter in bed

It went down really well, and she showed me her muscles and kissed each one. (Guess who taught her that? Clue: It wasn’t me!)

I think I will retell this story to her before bed the next couple of nights or whenever she gets stressed. It’s a really positive way of explaining the situation we are facing.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m bored with the Joe Wicks P.E, it’s not P.E.! And Cora hates it.

So instead of that, we found Popsugar fitness which has the same idea as Joe but is a bit more exciting and engaging. God, it was hard, I thought my legs were going to buckle, and if I don’t have a super body by the end of all this, I don’t know what else I can do!

Cora followed this by The Ballet coach, this was recommended to us by another follower after I asked for alternatives to Joes workouts. Cora really enjoyed it and showed her Gran the new moves she leant, bless her, she has the grace of an elephant. Clearly takes after her mother!

I decided to do a little food prep, so I had something tasty and exciting to munch as my go-to meal has been cheese on toast. Tasty? Yes, but not going to help me get fit.

I headed to the shops, the first time since the new rules and I found it buzzard lining up outside and walking through the shop. Staff shouting at customers to stay apart and even though the shop was quiet, it still had lots of empty shelves. I only came in for some fresh fruit and veg, and I was grateful to see that this area was well stocked.

At home, I made soup (always a win in our house) and sound vegetable rice, but just like the vulture that my family are, they smelt it, and it was almost nearly gone. So much for prepping!

I headed into work a little earlier, I thought I would use my one type of exercise a day by going for a walk in Holyrood Park. It was so busy when I got there with dog walkers and runners, the police were also very present. Still, they didn’t seem to be doing much in policing the situation.

social distancing lockdown diary

I had to do a quick video of me doing a silly dance to send to my nephew, he has been entertaining the island with his funny skits. I can see him going viral with them because they are funny.

Work was work, though I did have a funny exchange with a lady who wanted a social worker to come out to discuss climate change. I explained it wasn’t a service we provided, but she was convinced, kinda made the night.

Cuddles on the couch with hubs watching the walking dead, we are at the stage where we just want to sit and watch back to back episodes, but I don’t think the children would seeing flesh-eating zombies… Cora’s got enough worries on her mind!

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