Motherly Love in a Pandemic, Sharing stories of Motherhood during a global crisis.


Rachel, founder of Rose Wellbeing Therapies in Dumfries and run local classes for new parents, Baby Massage, Baby Yoga, post natal support and more.

During Lockdown Rachel made some collaborations of stories from Local Mum’s and their stories about conception, pregnancies, births and all the topics that come along with that such as IVF, medical conditions and mental health and published these stories together as a book.

There are 30 stories in the book, each one so unique. It is called Motherly Love in a Pandemic, Sharing stories of Motherhood during a global crisis.

Mothers in Lockdown needed community during the pandemic of 2020. No longer able to run our in person Baby Massage, Baby Yoga and Parent & Baby groups it was vital to stay connected.

In their private community a wonderful photo was shared by one of the Mums, Lisa, who was going to fill in her IVF diary. This intrigued me and led to a ‘Spotlight on…….’ series where Mums could share their own unique stories of conception, pregnancy, labour and more.

30 Mums, including me, were brave enough to share their own individual story with such courage.


Lisa’s story takes us through her struggles with getting pregnant and IVF:

 Motherly Love in a Pandemic

“It all started in November 2015, me and my partner Paul had been together for 3 years and owned our own home for a year. Paul has twin girls, from a previous marriage, Madeline and Isabella, who are 12, but we had the conversation very early on in our relationship about children. I was absolutely over the moon when in November  2015, Paul suggested I come off the pill and we try for our own child, we decided on 2 children, as Paul already had twins. I was so happy and could not wait to fall pregnant.
To cut a long story short, months and then years passed, of my period coming and no pregnancy. During that time, two of my younger sisters had children of their own, one sister already had two. 2 years had passed by and I was becoming more and more depressed and I remember, one time, I was sitting in tesco cafe and burst out crying. When Paul asked what was wrong, my response was, I see children everywhere. We went through all the tests and Doctors just couldn’t explain what was wrong with me, I was just one of the unlucky few that had, “unexplained fertility issues”.  Because Paul had children already we were not entitled to any help from the NHS, for IVF, nor the Army (which we are both serving members of, as they follow the NHS guidelines). I remember us making the decision to try IVF and having a consultation, when the Dr explained it would cost £6,500. I came out of that appointment and broke my heart, thinking how could we afford this, it is not fair, I will never become a mum. However, we saved up and it took another two years of fertility treatment, which included countless scans, injections and tablets. By the end, my stomach was lumpy and bruised and so sore, but i kept thinking this will all be worth it, i will one day be a mum. 
I am the oldest of four girls and I was the only one without children, I should have surely been the first? I remember my youngest sister telling me she had fallen pregnant after a month of trying and she was so scared to tell me. How guilty did i feel, that she felt like that with her happy news! We both cried, tears of joy and i said i was so happy for her and to be an Aunty again, which I truly was! But then she left and I remember turning to my mum, her taking me into her arms and I completely broke down. I didn’t think that was ever going to be me.
Egg retrieval day came, that is the picture attached and they managed to retrieve 15 eggs, 6 of which were successful embryos!! I could Not believe it and i started to allow myself to think, this could really happen! They placed one embryo inside and i had to wait 2 weeks to take a pregnancy test and those 2 weeks i had to wait for test day, were the longest of my life.
I am so so lucky, that my little IVF miracle worked first time and I gave birth to my gorgeous son, Michael (Mikey) William Chalmers at 0536 hrs on Wed 22 Jan 20 and he weighed 6lb 13 oz.  I know I am one of the lucky ones and I will treasure every moment with him. It took us 5 years to get to this point and i couldn’t be happier. We still have 5 embryos left, will we have another as planned? We don’t know, years have passed and we aren’t getting any younger, but all i wanted was to be someone’s mummy and i have my dream fulfilled – that will do for me.”

Lisa-Marie Hasset

Through all the challenges, struggles, excitement and love on their journey to motherhood every Mum finally has their precious baby who they will treasure and love forever. This book is a symbol of ‘community’ in these uncertain times and something for all the Mums to feel very proud of and have these books as a memory of their journeys. Reflecting on writing their stories some said how cathartic and healing it was to write it all down and to see what they had overcome leading up to and through their journeys to where we are now. The stories may bring a tear to your eye but all end in joy. You can pick this book up and read a story and then the next day find another story that intrigues or resonates with you.

The book was created by Rachel Kirkpatrick, founder of Rose Wellbeing Therapies. Rose Wellbeing Therapies supports the health and wellbeing of Mothers and Babies in the small town of Dumfries, South West Scotland. During our time in lockdown support has continued with our private community becoming stronger and classes running online available to parents all over the world.

~To Flourish from Birth & Beyond~

Motherly Love in a Pandemic, Sharing stories of Motherhood during a global crisis

Rachel Kirkpatrick

Rose Wellbeing Therapies

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 Motherly Love in a Pandemic