my Hypnotherapy Journey – Week 7 & 8

My Hypnotherapy Journey – Week 7 & 8

This week I had my 8th hypnotherapy session with George Lewis, I had missed last weeks session due to childcare issues, but I did have my sound track that I was given at the start of my sessions, so I listened to this a couple of times this week.

hypnotherapy journey
hypnotherapy journey

I am not going to lie, I went into this week’s session feeling a little deflated and discouraged. This was because I have gone back to not sleeping. I am struggling to fall asleep and then struggle to stay asleep, often finding myself wondering the house for a couple of hours in the middle of the night.

I have been quite panicked the last week or two as the sickness bugs and other “lovely” viruses have been invading the local schools in Edinburgh. With some places so bad that 100’s of children have been off a day, and if you know me or have been following for a while – I have a phobia of vomit, mostly its around my children being/or getting sick and it can paralyse me. The intrusive thoughts hit, and I become a jittering, anxious mess! So, this has been my current state, in constant “high alert” and I do believe this may be down to my insomnia. I have been dreaming of sickness, so it defiantly on my mind.

So, because of all this I had this feeling that “its not working for me”.

When I discussed with George the past week, he was able to help me see the good parts that I had over looked due to my anxiety. I had gone to events (something I never do) and I hadn’t obsessively been scrubbing the house to make it “safe” from the harmful germs outside. He was right, I hadn’t been obsessively cleaning, I was just doing my usual amount and trying to be organised rather than “germ free”. This is something because in the past my way of coping has been to reach for the bleach and I haven’t done that – in fact I would say my routine has relaxed greatly. It seems that even though my anxieties are still there, the way I react to them is changing. He explained that the small changes aren’t always clear but when they become apparent they hit you right in the face. I am making progress, it’s probably down to my recent low mood that I just couldn’t see it.

As always, I slip into trance within minutes of starting. I am not asleep as I hear the words but don’t register them. The music is there, soothing and calming and as George counts down from 5, I am instantly back in the room. I don’t feel groggy or sleepy but instead feel very energised and positive after our little discussion. Slowly and surely, I am seeing the changes I hoped for and that has been the biggest thing I have taken away from it all this week and its left me feeling a lot more positive.

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George Lewis Hypnotherapy
George Lewis Hypnotherapy