Orpheus launches mental health app for Men’s Mental Health Week

Orpheus is an innovative new app that is changing the way that its users combat negative mental health, addictions, anxiety, and stress. It has been tested with front line NHS workers to help them with anxiety and to feel less stressed in their job during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“My mind felt a lot clearer and I felt more in control of my emotions, which helped me a lot at work and at home. At the time I felt stressed and anxious and now that’s totally gone!”


Assistant Practitioner working in a GP Practice

In England, around 1 in 8 men have a common mental health problem. Research has found that men are more reluctant to seek support for their mental health. Orpheus is easily accessible and available 24/7 wherever users are in the world. Men’s Mental Health Week is 15-21st June 2020.

Peter Owen, Orpheus’ Chief Technology Officer and master practitioner of percussive suggestion, says “Orpheus is completely different from other mindfulness apps. It targets and destroys negative thoughts and feelings and it has dedicated modules for people who are concerned about alcohol, gambling, smoking and overeating.”

Owen continues, “Although we know that the stigma surrounding mental health is changing, societal pressures and traditional gender roles still play a part on how society views mental health problems in men. We wanted to make therapy available for all and we know that due to the coronavirus, a lot of people are worried, so we’ve included a specific module for Coronavirus, which helps create calm, as well as bespoke advice on specific topics relating to these times.”

Orpheus has been created by school friends, David Jay and Peter Owen who have both suffered from their own mental health issues over the years; they are now specialists in the field of percussive suggestion which is the basis of the Orpheus modules.
Orpheus can be accessed by everybody, and during the coronavirus pandemic, it is available at a reduced rate. New features have been added following a beta test and soft launch in February 2020.