Rare Birds Book Club installs library at Ronald McDonald House Glasgow

Rare Birds Book Club installs library at Ronald McDonald House Glasgow, offering a little
escape for families in residence Monthly book delivery and digital book club sends over 85 books to Ronald McDonald House in Glasgow

Headquartered in Scotland, Rare Birds Book Club reported a staggering 52% growth over the lockdown period, taking the subscription service and digital book club from 1,000
subscribers per month to over 1,600. Wanting to show its appreciation for customers’
ongoing support during such unprecedented times – times which saw many small businesses collapse – founder Rachel Wood decided to give back to a community that had a connection with Rare Birds. Thanks to its strong and growing customer base – many of whom have been subscribers from the beginning – Glasgow was chosen and a local charity actively sought.

Ronald McDonald House Glasgow is an independent Scottish charity providing a safe,
welcoming and cost-free home-from-home for families of children who are being treated by local hospitals, was chosen for the donation of books to offer a moment of respite for those in residence. 31 ensuite bedrooms hosted 504 families in 2019, gifting over 11,000 nights to those in need; families who often arrive with only the clothes on their backs and are miles away from their support network. Sending 33 children’s books and 53 past-book club picks for the adults, founder Rachel was overjoyed to have started a small library within the House that will encourage guests to take much-needed personal time and engulf
themselves in a world that only a book can provide.

The House Director of Ronald McDonald House Glasgow, Helen Craig, offered: “Few could
deny that time spent with a page turner of a book can lift your spirits and transport you to
another place. Enjoying your favourite genre from mysteries, action, dramas and historical
novels has been made a reality for our families by the generosity of Rare Bird Book Club
who’ve donated 53 books for our parents to enjoy. Best of all are the many colourful
children’s books that have been gifted as well, so the children can enjoy hearing soothing
bedtime stories read aloud. A welcome distraction in a busy hospital environment.
These books are offered for the families to keep and will be placed in their bedrooms ahead of arrival making their rooms all the more welcoming.”

Founder of Rare Birds, Wood comments: “With people confined to their homes over the
lockdown period, we were incredibly luckily to see a huge boost in sales; people needed a
pick-me-up and it helps that we are letter-box sized! It is scientifically proven that reading
can help reduce stress levels in just six minutes, focusing your mind and helping you sleep
better, so gifting a selection of books to an awe-inspiring place like Ronald McDonald House Glasgow, takes on all the more meaning for me. If I can encourage even a little wellbeing and escape during these families’ tough times, then that is the perfect way to give back in my book.”

As the brand grows, Rare Birds hopes to continue supporting Ronald McDonald House
Glasgow, as well as the Edinburgh location when it opens.
For more information visit https://rarebirdsbookclub.com/

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