Reusable nappy sales are up -Totsbots


TotsBots, the reusable cloth nappy company, have reported a 20% hike in sales and new customers doubling in the past week alone. This figure accounts for an 80% growth on last year.

TotsBots started selling at 440 Boots stores nationwide in February and with the increase in panic buying due to the current Covid-19 situation, it seems parents are stocking up on reusable instead of disposable nappies. “It’s a smart choice,” says TotsBots Co-Founder Fiona Smyth, “Disposable nappies not only end up in landfill, cost more in the long-run, but at times like this it’s good to know you won’t be stuck if disposables disappear from the shelves.”

Reusable nappies like TotsBots contain no nasty chemicals, are easy to wash and quick drying, and come in various styles and sizes for new-born babies to toddlers. There are nappies for daytime and more robust nappies for night-time as well as a range of accessories to makes sure babies bottoms stay covered if disposables run out. For parents self-isolating and keeping kids indoors, it’s a safe and reliable solution.

Use cloth nappies and save yourself some money! By switching to reusable nappies we estimate that you can save up to £750 compared to the cost of disposable nappies.

Babies can be expensive, so it’s worth your investment in the long run. Using cloth nappies will average out at about 0.03p per change compared to 8.7p per disposable. 

TotsBots award winning reusable nappies are made in the UK and is the first nappy company in the world to make waterproof fabric from 100% recycled plastic waste.

This was declared by the UK Environment Agency back in 2008 when they re-published their Cloth vs. Disposable ‘Life Cycle Analysis’ report. The conclusion of this revised report was that using cloth puts control of the carbon footprint into the hands of parents and can help decrease your carbon footprint by up to a whopping 40 percent!

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