Review – Fingerlings Untamed Dragon

We are already fans of the Fingerling Monkeys, it was Christmas 2017 when those little monkeys became the NO.1 toy to get under the tree and we were very lucky that Uncle Dean worked in buying for Walmart so Santa delivered! When we were asked if we would like to try out the new Untamed dragon fingerlings, Cora was more than happy to give them a go.

Fingerling untamed Venom

Venom, the Untamed dragon works in the same way as the previous Fingerlings to motion, sound, and touch. The main difference to the Untamed range is the chomping jaws and the ability to tame our new little friend.
Each dragon comes with over 40 sounds and noises which range from cute gurgling and purring sounds to fiercer roaring, spiting and chomping if you mistreat your little pet. You have your wee pal clinging to your finger while using your other had to interact. You can even make your dragon fart or burp – much to my children’s amusement.
As soon as the postman dropped him off, he was ripped open, turned on and ready to go. The batteries are included so all you should do is flip the switch on its head to turn on.

fingerling untamed dragon collection

There are four different dragons to collect: Wildfire (orange), Venom (green), Freezer (blue) and Shockwave (blue and red). Cora liked Venom as he looked like “a real dragon”

girl holding a fingerling untamed

Just like all the fingerlings, the colours are fun, vibrant and have a great life like look to them. Cora was happy to play with him and wouldn’t share with her little brother who was desperate for a go and when she was done, he grabbed for it. Cora loves how the dragon interacted with her, she cuddled into it and rock it to sleep or hung it upside-down from your fingers to hear them getting angry. Cora loved making the little thing fart…we are at that stage just now, ha!

fingerling untamed review
fingerling untamed review

Although the Untamed Fingerlings are aimed at children 5+, I am happy to let my son, Cassius play with them under my supervision. You can buy the Untamed range from all good toy shops including: The Entertainer, Smyths Toys, Argos and Amazon. For around £16.99, these will make a great present