School Shoes Shopping at Maddie and Mark’s Edinburgh
shop window maddie and marks

Maddie and Mark’s Shoes is founded on the belief that every child is special – from head to toe – and they have made those little toes our priority! Starting in 2007, they have over a decade’s worth of experience in fitting the highest quality shoes, and the expert staff are always on hand to ensure that every child has both wonderful looking and wonderfully fitted shoes. As an independent family owned business, at Maddie and Marks take the time to listen to the customers, and their opinions, as well your child’s foot health, are at the centre of everything they do.

Maddie and Mark’s know that suitable footwear is crucial to the growth and development of your child and they stock a large array of exciting brands from all around the world to help you obtain this.

When we received the email that they wanted CC to come to one of the shops and experience there school shoe fitting appointments and gift us with her first ever pair of school shoes we were so excited. Maddie and Marks are a well known local shop in Edinburgh and are known as being the best in the city for fitting children’s shoes.

Maddie and Mark’s stock a wide range of brands like Startrite, Lelli Kelly, Geox, Skechers, Petasil, Superfit and Ricosta. They also have others depending on the time of year, we saw a massive range of Crocs while we were there. They also mentioned while we were there that they do their best to stock any brands that the customers may want.

We pre-booked our appointment a few weeks ago and got a lovely call the day before reminding us of the booking, even though I had remembered this time I am so forgetful and this would be very helpful on those days.

We arrived a few minutes before our appointment and it was pretty calm in the shop which was lovely. Robyn greeted us and she made CC feel very special, asking her lots of questions about her new school and what she would like rather than me, I really liked that after all she will be the one wearing them not me. She also was measured and was a massive size 13!
CC had seen the Lelli Kelly ones on TV and was pretty set on them, Robyn helped her pick out two pairs of them, a Startrite pair and I added these adorable trainer style ones that CC was having known off.

Starting with CC first picks, Robyn expertly felt around the shoe and explained that these shoes would feel tight on CC due to her wide feet and may feel some discomfort. CC agreed they were tight and as I have talked about before CC does struggle with tight clothing and was happy to move on to the Startrite one, after telling me the ones I had picked were not even going to be tried on.

These ones fitted well, Robyn made use of that and CC had a little skip around the room just to make sure they would pass the playground test. We had found the shoes and it had only taken 15 minutes of stress-free time. Perfect! We also fitted for her basic black plimsoles with Robyn ensuring us they fitted her well.

With the fitting taking such a short time, CC got to enjoy the lovely play area they had set up. I can imagine it’s hard getting most the kids out the shop as its like a playroom with shoes on the wall. A great safe place and I couldn’t praise it enough, it was a really easy experience and that made it even more special.

I highly recommend not only booking an appointment for quickness and hassle free shoe shopping but Maddie and Marks for there expert fitting and customer service. I already plan on heading back with my Cassi.

School shopping is often the last thing that parents (and children!) want to be doing during the summer holidays and that is why Maddie and Mark’s offer school shoe appointments during the Back to School period. These appointments are designed to make sure that you are fitted as quickly and efficiently as possible, with the best selection of shoes in stock for your child.

These appointments are not necessary but are guaranteed to cut your shopping time in half, meaning more time to enjoy the holidays! Offering 5% off your purchase if you book an appointment. They are also offering a free mini shoot with Kirsty Nugent Photography’s studio in Summer Hall for those you have booked and starting school. We have ours planned.

Appointments are available during July and August. Please call 0131 447 9779 to get in touch with the Bruntsfield shop or 0131 315 3322 to contact the Blackhall shop. Alternatively, contact them on Facebook messenger.

If that wasn’t enough, they also kindly gifted CC her hair bows by another Edinburgh local, Feltalicious Designs. They are made by mummy, Michelle Holden and are just far too cute.

We were kindly gifted our shoes and bows in return for an honest review.

If you ask any local parent in Edinburgh where is THE place to get your children’s shoes, they will say without a doubt – head to Maddie and Marks!