The Children’s e-Hospital launch new, online Comprehensive Behaviour Intervention for Tics

The Children’s e-Hospital is delighted to announce the launch of its latest online service – Comprehensive Behaviour Intervention for Tics (CBiT).

The CBiT service, which is recommended as a first line intervention for tics*, is made up of six strategic therapeutic components to teach children coping strategies to manage their condition. Although not a cure, it has been proven to help reduce the number, severity and impact to benefit a child’s daily wellbeing.

Sarah Sharp, The Children’s e-Hospital’s behaviour therapist

Sarah Sharp, The Children’s e-Hospital’s behaviour therapist, said:
“The success of CBiT comes from a combination of therapies used within treatment. These consist of psychoeducation, self-awareness training, relaxation training, establishing a tic hierarchy, selecting a target tic and reverse engineering it to formulate a competing response to the target tic using habit reversal techniques, and social support.”

The main component of CBiT is Habit Reversal Therapy (HRT) which treats tics individually unlike other behavioural therapies. With our e-Hospital expert, children will work on becoming more aware of how a certain tic is expressed and eventually learn to take control of it.

A second method is called Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) where the main aim is to help children learn how to tolerate the urge that comes before a tic. By learning to manage the urge, children will learn how to suppress their tic.

Sarah continues:
“By exposing tics, children can practice resisting the urge for longer and longer periods of time, until they can stop it in most situations.”

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The Children’s e-Hospital will be offering CBiT Therapy in a block of 10 weekly sessions. Some patients will require fewer, or more sessions but this will depend on the individual and their response to treatment.

The Children’s e-Hospital online CBiT service can be booked using the 24/7 online booking service. If you have any questions related to the service, please email our therapist, Sarah Sharp on [email protected].

The CQC ‘outstanding’ regulated Children’s e-Hospital is the first and only online specialist paediatric service anywhere in the world which allows parents to speak to expert paediatric consultants from the comfort of their own home.

* American Association of Neurology