The Other Mum – Big Fat Greek Mother

This is Olga aka The big fat Greek mother and I had the great pleasure of interviewing her.Olga is an amazing comedienne and you need to follow this lady! She is also a mum so I am so happy she is part of this feature.Olga first caught my eye during a live chat with the equally brilliant WeeSlice and I have been hooked with her refreshing and crazy funny comedy. Give her a follow here .

Big Fat Greek Mother

Where are you from? Do you still live there?if not where have you settled?All my family is Greek originally from Cyprus! My mum and dad moved here to avoid the occupation in the 70s. I was born in Holloway Road along with my brother and sister. I have always been a Londoner! My husband and I worked as Charity Workers in Beirut for a few years before returning to the UK where we settled in leafy herts and had our 3 boys!

What would be your revolution?Oh come on it has to be a revolution that makes everyone realise that we are all secretly Greek!!!!!! It would be a Greek Revolution whereby I would force everyone to eat Halloumi and sport really hairy legs like me! ? Did you know taramosalata makes a great face mask? No scientific proof other than the fact that I tried it on myself!

What did you do on an average Saturday night before kids?Oh man well my husband and I did all our pre-parenting years in the Lebanon so it was all night cafes and manoushi bars and romantic walks to beautiful downtown Beirut.

What is your Saturday like now?Er not like that. I live with FOUR MEN. Its all lets kill each other over monopoly then make up just in time for pizza and Britains Got Talent!!!!!

If you have alone time-where would you go?I just want to sit in my sunny garden and just be…..ALONE. Reading and drinking coffee. Failing that freetime walking round a bookshop does it for me. I was originally an Eng Lit Grad!

Where is your happy place?That is so easy and it is so incredibly dull but its my bed. I love it there. I feel safe and peaceful there. These days I am a sad little old lady who retires to her lady chamber before the kids do!

What thing do you not like to do?What is the point in ironing? Seriously? It does nothing for me. Gimmee a toilet to bleach or a bath to scrub. You get worthwhile results you get me bru? But ironing what does it really give us? What does it bring to the world? To humanity? Non-crumpled clothes that get crumpled the minute you iron them and wear them.

If you could have a superpower what would it be and why? Oh yeah easy peasy. I just want to fly. When I was a kid I tried it all the time. I remember always jumping down the stairs to see if I could when I was little. I still try it these days but my husband looks at me a bit strangely if I do.

Who are your top 3 lady heroes?Victoria Wood.Lucille Bal lTracey Ullman My most fav inspirational funny girls of all time.

When you were little, what did you want to be?Easy. An actress. I loved dressing up when I was little and being different characters. I would get whatever I could find out of my mums closet and make up funny characters with kooky names.

What’s the best book you have read this year?Loved loved loved The Cows by Dawn O’ Porter. A real eye opening read for women like me who really use and engage with social media. It tells an amazing story but also equips you with the wisdom and common sense you need to navigate through the social media world. I remember reading Dawns book at a real time of instagram apathy when I got hit by some negative comments. It helped me out my pit at the time.

What makes you feel afraid?Not being in control.

What would your last meal be?Prawn Biryani

What is your dream job?To have my own character comedy show on TV.

The first day of ruling the world, what would you do? Stop people killing each other and roll out world peace; oh and if I may I would and also stop people wearing really thin leggings that show me EVERYTHING on the school run. Tee hee. ?