Top Teething Baby Tips for Parents


They’re not called “teething issues” for nothing! The time when a baby’s teeth start to come through can be challenging. Their gums are sore, and they’re feeling uncomfortable, irritable and they just want it to be over – you probably do as well! 

Nuby’s here to help you through this tricky stage with some of our top tips for teething babies.

It’s important to know that every parent’s journey will be different, so if you notice anything that you’re worried about please reach out to your GP.

baby crying

How do I know my baby is teething?

Most babies start teething from around 6 – 9 months, but really it can begin any time from four months all the way up to 12+ months.

Every baby will be different, but you can look out for some key signs that suggest your baby’s teeth have started to come through, such as:

  • Sore gums and reddened cheeks – two of the biggest giveaways
  • Baby is dribbling more than usual
  • They’re feeling more irritable due to discomfort – crying, restless, having an unsettled sleep
  • They may have begun chewing things already,  or quite the opposite: their sore gums might have put them off their food


Okay, I think my baby is teething, now what?

When teeth start emerging, you may notice that they tend to emerge in pairs. Typically, the baby’s front teeth will appear within the first 12 months. This is followed by the molars and the canine teeth, which can come in anytime from around 12 to 20 months.

There is no hard and fast rule as to when and how their teeth will come in, so try not to worry too much if they don’t follow this exact order.

You can expect them to have their full set of milk teeth by the time they’re aged between 2 ½ – 3 years.

Get brushing! You can start brushing your baby’s teeth as soon as they come through – it’s recommended by the NHS to encourage good early dental care as part of baby’s routine.


How to comfort your little one during the teething stage

At Nuby, the UK’s No. 1 teether brand*, we have lots of helpful tools, tips and tricks to help parent and baby through this tricky time.

  1. Ice, ice, baby!

Something cool in the baby’s mouth can help to soothe their sore gums. That’s why our Icy Bite Keys are such a big hit with families. The key to soothing teething pains, the special PureIce™ Gel in our Icy Bite Keys provides gentle cooling for longer than your standard water-filled teethers, and you simply pop them in the fridge to cool down!

Another frozen delight for sore gums are Fruitsicles! Ideal for babies aged 6 months+, these tasty treats can be made with fresh homemade puree, or even breast milk, using our Fruitsicles Ice Pop Tray

  • Get your mitts on!

Some teething babies are prone to chewing their hands, which could have a multitude of reasons behind it. It could be a sign that they’re hungry, but it could also be a self-soothing tactic or even just to ease boredom!

Our Teething Mitt is perfect for babies who can’t keep hold of a regular teether – the textured edge is made out of soft silicone which protects little fingers and soothes emerging teeth.

  • Teething toys

There is such a wide range of fantastic teething toys out there to offer your baby some much-needed relief. To a baby, chomping down on a teether soothes and massages their gums as their teeth rise up, and it can also stimulate emerging teeth.

The toys can be anything from a simple ring teether, such as our new Natural Wood Silicone Teether , to something a little more stimulating for inquisitive minds – for example, our Lots a Loops Teether has lots of colourful loops for little hands to hold onto, as well as a built-in rattle.

Some teething toys come with a range of textured edges, like our Bug-a-Loop Teether. Some families prefer a mix of textures, bumps and ridges for stimulating baby’s motor skills in their mouth, which can help the development of their lips, tongue, jaw and hard / soft palates.


As with many things in those early days, it’s all about finding what works best for you and your little one. But it never hurts to arm yourself with the right tools!

Best of luck on your teething adventure, from all of us at Nuby.