Weaning Tips from Dr Sophie, Co-Founder and In House Paediatrician at Little Tummy

Dr Sophie Niedermaier-Patramani, Co-Founder and In House Paediatrician at Little Tummy – www.littletummy.co

How baby food delivery service Little Tummy supports parents with weaning their little ones

Introducing solids is an exciting time for parents and babies. Babies love to discover new textures and flavours and parents are curious to find out about their little one’s preferences. Until now, parents had a choice between hours of home-cooking or buying heat-sterilised and sugar-laden meals from the supermarket. The three women behind Little Tummy are changing the baby food market for the better. 

Dr Sophie Niedermaier-Patramani is a paediatrician and created all recipes with babies’ nutritional needs in mind. She incorporates the advice she gives to parents when coming up with ideas for the meals:

  • Get your little ones used to bitter flavours: Research has shown that the earlier and more often we give bitter-tasting vegetables to our babies, the more likely they are to eat them later on in life. Little Tummy uses dark-leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale for their meals. This helps parents to expose their little one to healthy choices from early on. 
  • Be mindful about added sugars and processed fruit purees: Most baby foods don’t contain added sugars but heat-sterilised fruit purees. The heat sets free high amounts of fruit sugar, which has a similar effect on sweetness and can lead to tooth decay. Little Tummy uses only whole fruit and vegetables. The meals contain complex carbohydrates rather than free sugars in order to provide little ones with satisfying energy sources. 
  • Stock up on iron-rich foods: Iron is one of the micronutrients little ones require plenty of for their development, growth and everyday activities. This is why iron-rich foods such as meat and oats should be among the first ones to introduce to your little one. Little Tummy uses plant-based ingredients rich in iron such as quinoa and red lentils and combines them with a source of Vitamin C (e.g. mango) in order to enhance iron absorption. 

Little Tummy meals are the utmost in convenience, delivered directly to parents’ homes. The company recently added a dairy-free delivery box to their selection in order to make it easier for parents with babies who have dairy allergies to find delicious meals for their little ones. 

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