­­­­­What is a Baby Nurse?

­­­­­What is a Baby Nurse?

Baby nurse, who is also sometimes known as a newborn care specialist, is pretty much what the name suggests. She is someone that understands baby care extremely well, and can help the parents, especially the new mom, with caring for their baby the right way.

She is well educated and well trained in infant care. She knows how to educate parents to care properly for their newborn, while being very skilled herself in assisting them with the various tasks and challenges they might face as a new parent.

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When to Hire?

A baby nurse is typically hired right after the baby is delivered, and often for a period of anywhere between a couple weeks to two months. Many parents prefer to have a baby nurse help them until their baby gets in the regular schedule of eating, sleeping and waking.

Now, something worth mentioning here is that the services of a baby nurse are no longer the luxury of high-profile or wealthy parents. As their services get more common, more and more parents are being able to afford them.

A good baby nurse will certainly take a lot of challenge out of caring for your newborn, making life easier for you.

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What Can You Expect?

You can expect a good baby nurse to help you with the all-round care of your baby. Ranging from helping your baby get into a bedtime routine to feeding your baby properly, there’s little they might not be able to assist you with (except of course for things like housekeeping tasks, which a baby nurse typically does not help with).

In addition to caring for your baby, a good baby nurse can also help the new mom in getting better nourished and feel comfortable while recovering during the post-delivery stage.

After all, when there’s someone knowledgeable, skilled and trained helping you with dealing with issues that are common with newborn babies, things get a lot less stressful for you as a new mom.

And as a baby nurse would also be your go-to source for all the information regarding caring for your baby the way you should, including packing diaper bags and feeding your baby, you wouldn’t have to rely on the advice of strangers on the internet or have guesswork involved in the process of caring for your baby.

Furthermore, a skilled baby nurse will also be able to teach your spouse how they can help you and the baby, so that things get much less challenging for you even after the baby nurse leaves.

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Other Common Responsibilities of a Baby Nurse

Apart from what we discussed above, some of the other typical duties of a baby nurse include:

  • Help build a nurturing environment for the baby
  • Ensuring the feeding bottles are always clean and prepared at the right time, and also sterilized in order to prevent any health issues for the baby
  • Assist the new mother with breastfeeding her baby properly
  • Organizing nursery
  • Taking care of other regular activities like bathing the baby and cleaning the umbilical cord carefully