Why am I feeling so exhausted about getting back to ‘normal’  

The world is open – what about me?

Am I expecting too much of myself and my energy?

Why am I feeling so exhausted about getting back to ‘normal’  

The world is opening up and we are back into the whole swing of doing things. Being social, seeing people and making plans. 

During the last 18 months things have changed haven’t they? It’s become a new normal and so now with the world open back up again are there still the expectations that we once had?

I’ve seen so many meme posts on social media about how exhausted people are feeling after trying to do the things they used to – precovid. 

We have found ourselves in a postcovid world and what has this done to our personalities?

Personality tests usually make the assumption that you are what you are and you will always be an introvert or an extrovert. They don’t usually refer to what’s known as ambivert and take into consideration that things may change as life changes, or as we find ourselves in a life changing pandemic. Who would’ve known?

Although something we all experience through life is SEE’s – significant emotional events and these can change our outlook on life and change the way we perceive ourselves and the world, meaning we may change from introverted to extroverted or the other way around, or perhaps find ourselves in the middle – ambivert. 

It’s really important to understand yourself and check in with who you are and your personality type as you will understand so much more about yourself by doing so. 

New normal

You will understand where you gain your energy. 

Are you extrovert or introvert, or somewhere in between – Ambivert? When you understand this, you will never feel guilty for not wanting to spend all of your time with other people if you are an introvert for example. You will be able to fill yourself up and know you are renewing your energy in the best way possible for your personality type. You will be able to understand how you ad in the best way possible for you.

You will understand how you best take in information.

When you know how you best take in information you can ensure that you set yourself up for success in everything that you do. There will be no more times where you feel like you are just not ‘getting’ it because you will ensure that you can consume information in the best way possible for your personality type.

New normal

You will know how you best learn.

Similar to above, you will be able to consume information and learn in a way that supports your personality meaning that what you learn will be much easier for you to consume because you can ensure it is delivered.

You will no longer be offended by how other people respond to you.

Understanding this is key, when you understand how your personality type prefers to have conversations with others, you will never be offended if someone doesn’t look at you when talking to you for example. Not everyone does this, it’s nothing personal, it’s just that not all personality types engage with others in the same ways.

You will know and understand how you are motivated

You will have a really good indication of how you are motivated and how you can support yourself to achieve things, do things and move forward with the things that you do. This will be much easier for you to do and is key.

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