Work-from-home mum on a mission to rid parents of Mess Stress by Diana Spellman, Founder, Serenely Sorted

Work-from-home mum on a mission to rid parents of Mess Stress

Diana Spellman, Founder, Serenely Sorted

Diana Spellman is the founder of Serenely Sorted, the simple system that frees you from tidying and eliminates mess. With 20 years’ experience working in systems/process/workflow roles in the corporate world, she had been balancing her busy working mum role with a burning passion to launch her own business – when her cards were dealt thanks to Covid-19 and she lost her corporate contracts and 100% of her income, she knew it was time to embark on her new chapter. Having built Serenely Sorted initially for herself, she has designed a system
that can help anyone get tidy, sorted, for life.

Serenely Sorted

I have worked from home for the past three years, and last Summer, during a particularly intense period at work, I experienced what I now call ‘Mess Stress’. 

After twelve years living overseas mainly in Asia, I’ve always loved minimalism in my home, and had little clutter after five moves in five years through Brazil, Mexico and the USA, but once settled in our ‘forever home’ back in the UK my natural messiness saw bad habits creeping back in that led to feelings of chaos.

I couldn’t get away from that constant nagging voice telling me to tidy – I just couldn’t relax during my rare and precious free time and resented spending it always on housework.  I knew something had to change.

With 20+ years in efficiency/systems and workflow roles, it was a penny-drop moment of putting my handbag into its designated End Home rather than on the chair as usual, and I realized that it was the way I was behaving around my ‘stuff’ that was the problem and that if I made small changes,  I could vastly reduce the time I spent tidying and in many cases eliminate the mess.  And with that, the Serenely Sorted System was born. 

Working from home on corporate contracts I had been balancing my busy working mum role with a burning passion to launch my own business – when my cards were dealt thanks to Covid-19 and I lost my corporate contracts and 100% of my income.  I know it was time to embark on my new chapter!

There are so many people talking about decluttering these days, but I always think: why would you sort out what’s under your bed if your surfaces are still covered in the daily debris?  This daily debris of life that lands on our surfaces day in, day out, is what really affects our lives and ability to keep tidy.

Serenely Sorted is for people who want their spice jars organised so they can find what they want, in date (not expired 2012!) but have no desire to decant them into matching labelled jars – realistic, practical solutions for real, busy people – I’m on a mission to help the everyday working parent to step away from the stresses that come with having ‘stuff’ scattered everywhere around our home, the ‘Daily Debris’, providing simple tools and tricks to make our day to day lives more streamlined and less stressful.  

What started with sharing with friends has led to a solid following on Social Media and, now the launch of the ‘Learn the Serenely Sorted System’ online course and a Facebook group for realistic people wanting to share and learn practical solutions to sorting out their homes. 

My mission now is to help as many people as possible reduce tidying and eliminate mess.  This is now an even bigger challenge as so many more people are working from home since COVID-19 and there is huge potential to help more people.  I launched a free ‘Lockdown Mess Stress’ course in lockdown and I want to help more people reduce tidying and achieve serenity.  It’s not just the time benefits of using the system that benefits people, it’s that mental space and the elimination of that nagging voice in your head telling you about all the piles that need sorting before you can sit down and relax.  I want to rid people of this Mess Stress.

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