YOUR Emotions are VALID


Mental health illnesses can be hard for some people to understand with the most common misunderstandings are about depression and anxiety. Some people fail to sympathise, often thinking the person is being a “bit of a drama queen”. These extreme feeling can be life-ending for some, but once we accept that we are feeling low and search for some help, we can gain a sense of relief.

There is a reason you feel this way, and it’s OK.

I find all of the comforts in this, but I know other struggles. Too many people that don’t reach out, ignored by their family and pretty much, slip through the net. I want those people to know…


your emotions are valid

Sadness is valid; it shows us how to treat ourselves and how we want to be treated by others. 

So many times, I have had someone say to me “what have you got to feel sad about?” or “You’re not that bad, you’re just making it seem worse than it is”

I don’t see why I need a massive tragedy or life-changing event to be sad, I don’t feel I need to have some hard reason to justify my feeling. Wheater I’m struggling with my anxiety or crying over the kids yet again destroying the house, my emotions are uncontrollable, and I’m not ashamed of them.

With my experience with sadness, I remind myself, I’m only human. It allows me to learn and figure out the difference between being happy and feeling sad. We can learn about our own vulnerabilities and of those you share their sadness with us. We can see our gains and losses and appreciate the things we do have in our life.

woman holding her head

I often feel, lonely, anxious and frustrated, and for years it was something I hid away, like a dirty little secret but not anymore. I have every right to feel the way I do.

If you want to know how to handle me when I’m like this, a simple “I understand” helps.

I say it now time to start being empathic to those who express their emotions and stop judging for somethings we can’t control. Believe your friends when they say they are having a hard time and feel like there is no hope and believe in yourself when you think something isn’t right.

All my emotions are OK. I now accept they are all equal. When one becomes overwhelming, I admit it, embrace, refocus and reset. I find that if one is too much, it brings me close to feeling depressed, suffer anxiety attacks or have frustrating bursts on anger. For years I pushed my emotions away, deep down inside of me, and they manifested. They found other ways out, often through stomach pains or stress. I don’t deny them anymore, I let my emotions in, and I have been able to find a more balanced life.

woman making heart sign

I embrace my emotions now, even the ones that are seen as “weak” or “shameful”—other people call them that. 

After all, these feelings are what allow you to experience life at its fullest, and ultimately, they are part of what makes me Gail.